Airtime Sales

Vertel's proprietary network is the largest commercial Two-Way Radio network in Africa, with more than 150 repeaters covering our target areas.

Our initial focus is on the areas depicted in the coverage map, but we are also able to provide airtime in the other provinces, as well as Namibia. The coverage range for a client will generally be a radius of 50 km from the base.


How airtime works...

Regional and local coverage is provided according to service requirements. Typically, multiple shared repeater channels are deployed, covering about 50 km radius (research proves that not many group communication requirements exceed this).

Modern PMR equipment utilize Automatic channel selection. This implies that the best free and available channel is assigned to a specific group instantaneously. The user doesn’t have to know what channels to use when communicating with dispatch (base), and the radios will automatically revert back to scanning of all channels after a conversation. Typical call set-up time is 2-5 seconds, and average call length is about 30 seconds.

Traffic profile is as follows. 100 % of calls are made in the same region, about 65 % are initiated by dispatch. The architecture is optimized for local and regional traffic. The cells are inexpensive in comparison, are much bigger – about 50 km radius, network intelligence is radio based, and no expensive and sophisticated inter cell links on backbone or duplication is required. Consequently airtime costs is low, call set-up is fast and multiple channels provides inherent system reliability and resilience.  Vertel has tailored rental packages for its users, including both the supply and full maintenance of the equipment and airtime. For more information, contact one of our expert consultants or have them contact you.



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