At Vertel, we don't sell radios and airtime - we sell solutions.

Our consumer services include:

  • consulting and solutions design
  • two-way voice and data communication
  • control center solutions
  • zero-capital rental solutions 
  • installation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • high site development and management
  • base station and vehicle installations
  • equipment sales and maintenance
  • ancillary maintenance services
  • wireless Internet and network services
  • license free radios


Our process is simple:

  • We investigate a client's situation and formalise the requirements definition;
  • Using this information, we convert their needs analysis into a strategic communications solution, determining the coverage required, the number of channels to be deployed, and whether a dedicated high-site is going to be needed.
  • The appropriate handsets are then added to the solution and a single, comprehensive quotation is prepared, either as a lump sum, or as a turnkey rental package.
  • We deliver and install a turnkey communication infrastructure and do the appropriate training; and
  • We monitor and support clients on an ongiong basis to ensure their solution matches their need.

Solution delivery is key at Vertel.


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