Radio Rentals

Rental Solutions

Our turnkey rental scheme is limited to the specific brands and models, which we determine, from time to time, as being industry leaders in performance and value.

Our current full service rental solution is built around the iCom and Kirisun Products radios, and the iCom Products and Vertex base stations.

We will design a communications solution to suite your specific needs and rent you a solution at a fixed monthly cost. The rental solution includes a full maintenance plan and walk-in swap-out of faulty equipment.


Advantages of Radio Rental (versus Radio Purchase)


The advantages of rental are obvious & many. Purely from a financial perspective:

  • Rentals are fully tax deductible.
  • Rentals include maintenance and therefore offers a fixed budgetable cost.
  • Rentals include UNLIMITED airtime, therefore the airtime is a fixed budgetable cost.
  • Rentals offer a low initial capital outlay and these savings can be better utilised in terms of the time value of money. It may also avoid capital expenditure approvals.
  • VAT is not capitalized up front, but rather paid monthly with each rental. VAT on the rental will be regarded as input VAT and may be written off against any output VAT collected.
  • Valuable value-add services include:
    • turnkey fleet management solutions and
    • satellite tracking & vehicle management systems.

...and this doesn't take into account increased profitability and client satisfaction due to:

  • Significant savings in kilometres traveled as vehicles can be redirected and vehicle routing can be actively managed;
  • Reductions in vehicle and time abuse and preventing moonlighting activity; and
  • Improved operational control, security and responsiveness.


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