GPS LCD Microphones

Built-in GPS Unit monitors longitude, latitude, altitude, direction, speed, temperature & more directly from LCD


Product Features:

  • Stores waypoints with symbols and names to track important locations
  • Built-in waypoint tracking tracks up to 50,000 points by time, range or auto
  • Allows creation of waypoints for each member to navigate within the team with ease and accuracy
  • Calculates Estimated Time of Arrival based on speed
  • Send text messages over the mic to individuals or groups
  • Lithium-Ion Battery for 20 hours of run time of a single charge
  • Battery Gauge Utility shows condition directly from LCD screen
  • Standard USB Port connector for upgradeable firmware
  • Sends a FFSK (fast Frequency Shift Keying) burst at the end of every transmission
  • Built-in group viewer application
  • Allows creation of a waypoint for each team member
  • Calculates Estimated Time of Arrival based on speed
  • Provides the ability to send Waypoints
  • Standard text messaging feature
  • Relays UTM & USNG information


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