Mobile Vehicle Recorders

From the start of Ignition, the unit records all video and audio on an 16 GB GB SD card for 20-26Hours in a loop, first in, first out, erasing the oldest data with the most recent when 90 minute period has elapsed.

  • Other systems only record incidents or events and not the entire trip or route.
  • If the internal G Sensor senses an abnormal or abrupt change, the system stores this data onto the SD card and it will not be erased. The Driver will be alerted by a sound from the unit's speaker so that he or she may be alerted to their irregular driving pattern. Typically 1 Minute (*) before and after this detected event data is automatically stored for review as an Event.
  • The Driver may also record incidents seen using the either the push button on the unit or covertly using a remote button for this purpose, saving 1 Minute (*) before and after the event trigger that is stored for review.  (*)The fleet or security manager can choose the pre event recording time;  either 3/2/1 minutes at time of system set-up.


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